Sea Ranch Lakes

Sea Ranch Lakes is a village in Broward County, Florida. The population was 670 at the 2010 census. It is located on North Ocean Drive (Highway A1A) and is surrounded by Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The majority of the village is a gated community, with the remainder being a public shopping plaza and a private beach club for village residents, with a pool and access to Sea Ranch Lakes Beach. It was named after the Sea Ranch Hotel, a landmark hotel across from the gated community’s main, public road, North Ocean Drive. The “Lakes” part was added because of the residential village’s two artificial lakes. The private road leading into the village’s entrance is Gatehouse Drive.

The village was incorporated on October 6, 1959, because residents in the original gated community feared that they would be forcibly annexed by Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, or Pompano Beach. By incorporating themselves as a municipality within Broward County, they would be able to remain indefinitely autonomous. The Sea Ranch Beach Club owns all property within the village, including the oceanfront property on which the actual beach clubhouse and pool are built. The Beach Club has members who are elected to serve on its board of directors; they are responsible for maintaining all of the Beach Club’s property, such as roads, street lights, and street signs. All major issues that affect the Beach Club must be voted upon by its members, and all residents of Sea Ranch Lakes are allotted one vote for each parcel of property he or she owns.

Law enforcement services to the village are provided by the Sea Ranch Lakes Police Department, who patrol the walled-in residential section of the village, the oceanfront beach club, and the shopping plaza within the village’s municipal boundaries. The department prides itself on its low crime rate, with fewer than 15 Uniform Crime Report Type I crimes per year, with the majority being burglaries and robberies to businesses and vehicles inside the business plaza. In addition, the department was one of the first in Broward County to have developed a formal hurricane emergency policy in the early 1980s.