How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent

Susanne Girlich November 3, 2016

Are you thinking of buying a home at this time? How do you feel when considering walking through stranger’s houses? How does the thought of all the paperwork make you feel? Buying a house, especially as a first time buyer, can be a daunting and outright scary thing to consider. Considering a big loan and parting with so much money is not something to be taken lightly.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy real estate agent can take away most of the challenges and worries of buying a home. A true professional agent is always worth more than their commission!

You need to find the best agent in your area and and for this you certainly will need to distinguish between an average agent and a great one. Here is how you can tell a great agent from an average agent:

A Great Agent Tells The Truth About the Price
When you want to make an offer, let your agent explain what kind of offer the seller (and also the lender/the bank) will likely accept. Many agents don’t take the time to get into the details and will take any offer you suggest, and then let ‘come what may’. The agent might think it will all magically come together in the negotiating phase. However, in a competitive market, such as here in South Florida, you need an agent who will help you put forward a realistic ‘initial offer’, so that you stand out from other buyers and have a great chance to secure your dream home.

Then of course, there is always the lender to consider – this might be more challenging than you think. With prices rising quickly, it may be difficult for appraisers to find comparable sales (similar houses in the neighborhood that were sold recently), to defend the selling price when appraising the property for the bank. If your agent is not discussing this with you when you are about to make an offer, consider it a bad sign. A great agent should raise these issues and more!

A Great Agent Understands Your Timetable
You will be moving you or possibly your whole family into a your new home. The move needs to be planned considering jobs, or new school years, for example.

This can be a stressful time emotionally. Your agent needs to be sympathetic to your needs and timetables. Although an agent cannot set the exact date of your move, they can (and should) exert their influence to make it work for you.

A Great Agent Will Remove As Many Obstacles As Possible
Your agent should know how to handle the challenges that will arise. An agent’s ability to negotiate is extremely important in this market.

For example, if your agent was not good at negotiating regarding the purchase offer, don’t expect them to magically turn into an amazing and tenacious negotiator with the seller, and work it out for you and your family.

A Great Agent Will Find the Right House
Moving is not easy and you wouldn’t go through uprooting yourself and your family, unless it was important to you. The agent should always be aware of this, and how they can make the process easier for you. However, should they discover something that needs to be done in order to get to your goal, they should have the courage to inform you (without sugarcoating).

Great agents don’t just know how to deliver great news, but they should also know how to deliver tough news. In today’s South Florida Market,you need a great agent to work for you!

I am here to help you when you need a great agent! Call, text or email me anytime, whether you are thinking of buying, selling or just want a market update.


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