Life Is A Beach In South Florida

Susanne Girlich October 17, 2016

Life is a beach in South Florida!

I can help you find the perfect beach vacation home for your budget, starting at $150.000.
Perhaps you have been thinking about escaping from harsh winters to a tropical climate,
and can see yourself sitting under a palm tree, toes in the sand and cocktail in hand?

14021738_10154486748193179_5402400335082901254_nCan you imagine waking up here?

Maybe you have been wondering about investing in the desirable South Florida real
estate market? Have you considered purchasing a property with the option of renting it, in
order to offset some, or all, of the costs of ownership?

I can help you find the perfect place by the beach for your budget and requirements. The
good news is: you don’t need to break the bank. At this time, the beach condos available
start as low as $150.000. Click here now to search available condos from $150-400k

Of course, the sky is your limit! Click here now to search available condos $400k and up

I can also help you to make an informed decision. After all, there is not just the purchase
price, but many other considerations to take into account, when thinking about purchasing
a vacation home. Owning a beach condo can be a great investment, as well as giving you
the personal pleasure of use.

However, some other important considerations are, for example, the running costs. Utilities,
monthly HOA fees and property taxes, vary from one building to another. If you are thinking of renting
while you are not using the property, you will need to know about a condo building’s policy and potential
restrictions on rentals.

It will be my pleasure to collect all this pertinent information and make sure you have the facts and figures
at hand to make an informed decision.


Beautiful Lauderdale By The Sea Beach Area – Restaurants, Activities and a Gorgeous Beach

Another important consideration will be: location, location, location!
This is especially important if you are planning on rental income from the property. Most
of the desirable neighborhoods I specialize in, have seen multi-million dollar investments
into their beach areas within the last few years.

These improvements include: widening of the beach (re-nourishment), beautiful new pedestrian
and promenade areas, plenty of new restaurants with different ethnic cuisines, as well as new municipal
parking. The areas that have seen these beautiful ‘facelifts’, are Lauderdale By The
Sea, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and Fort Lauderdale. And yet more beach-side
restaurants and facilities are in the planning!

Many of the amenities are walking distance from condos you might want to consider,
making property in these areas extremely desirable not only for vacationers in winter months,
but renters all year round.

1900 Oceanwalk Ln-8
This Could Be Your View
With local knowledge, real estate expertise and residence of 20 years, I can help you find
the perfect home for your budget, advise you and help answer all the important
questions you might have about vacation home ownership in this beautiful area. Any
questions? Looking for a place? Give me a call or send me an email with your
requirements and it will be my pleasure to help you.

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